Janet Dawson
A Weaver of Cloth (& baskets!)

Entrance to the Bog

Come in! Come in! (Caution: peeper crossing)

Peepers Bog is home to Janet, her husband Ron, their cats, at least one family of deer, a pair of raccoons, a wandering fox, a handful of rabbits and, of course, uncounted peepers.

First things first: what is a peeper?

Spring Peeper, copyright Lang Elliot Peepers are small tree frogs native to eastern North America whose mating call sounds like a bird's high pitched peep. No one knows how many peepers live in the Bog, but on Spring nights they're noisy enough to hear indoors from hundreds of feet away. For more technical information on peepers and a wonderful recording of their call, see Lang Elliot's fabulous website.

All the pictures in the Photo Gallery were taken around the Bog, mostly in the drier bits. Here are a few more pictures of the Bog itself that show its more boggy nature:

foggy Bog

The Bog in the fog, as it so often is.

soggy Bog

One of the soggier bits of the Bog - home to peepers?

far end of Bog

The stream that runs along the back of the Bog,
shown early in the Spring before the leaves fill out.

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Last updated: May 24, 2000
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