Janet Dawson
A Weaver of Cloth (& baskets!)

These are some of the things currently (or at least recently) available at the Bog. A larger picture of each item can be seen by clicking on one of the thumbnails. In order to show textures and colours as well as possible, these photographs are high resolution and take a long time to load, so be forewarned.

Additional information for shoppers is given below the list of photos.

Accessories: Bauble Bags
chenille Bauble Bag black and variegated blue/purple/teal chenille (sm)
three Bauble Bags black and gold chenille (med)
variegated cotton Bauble Bag black and variegated red/blue/gold cotton (sm)

Accessories: Serendipity Wraps
purple wrap purple wrap, light (12" x 80")
purple wrap purple wrap, medium (12" x 84")
[no photo] purple wrap, dark (12" x 90")

Accessories: Other
[no photo] 'Cascade' wrap, shadow weave in rayon chenille

Furnishings: Bare Skin Rugs
white Bare Skin Rug white rug, red warp (med)
navy Bare Skin Rug navy rug, striped warp (med)
[no photo] white rug, striped warp (med)
[no photo] white and navy striped rug, striped warp (med)
[no photo] white rug, striped warp (small)

Furnishings: Serendipity Blankets
'Ottawa River' blanket 'Ottawa River' blanket
'Hannah's Pebbles' blanket 'Hannah's Pebbles' blanket
'Cinnamon Stripe' blanket 'Cinnamon Stripe' blankets

Furnishings: Other
'Tapestry' rug 'Tapestry' rug, wool on cotton and acrylic

melon basket Melon basket, seagrass with cherry detail on handle
'Vashon Beach' basket 'Vashon Beach' market basket, lacing on rim and sides
tussie mussie basket Tussie mussie basket, seagrass and rattan, looped rim
wall basket Wall basket, seagrass and rattan, suitable for hanging

Fibre content for each piece, care instructions if applicable, price and availability, and closeups if available can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail of the piece.

A caveat or two regarding colours: even with these high resolutions photographs, colours are depicted differently by different monitors. If you're shopping for an exact colour match, please contact me for fibre samples. Also, the close ups tend to have more accurate colours than the larger images.

As mentioned in the ordering information, I'm more than happy to design serendipity warps based on customer's input. If you'd like something similar to what you see here in a different colour pallette, contact me for further dialogue. Bear in mind, however, that every serendipity warp is unique and can never be reproduced exactly. Also, serendipity means what it means: a happy accident. There are no guarantees that a warp designed for you will turn out exactly as you've envisioned; I do guarantee, however, that it will be beautifully and skillfully woven in your pallette of colours, with attention to detail and with my personal brand of creativity and love of fibre.

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Last updated: May 24, 2000
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