Janet Dawson
A Weaver of Cloth (& baskets!)

Although Janet weaves many types of accessories, home furnishings and baskets, a few of her product lines are in especially high demand: bauble bags, bare skin rugs, and what she calls her 'serendipity' line of accessories and blankets.

bauble bag Bauble Bags

"The idea for my bauble bags was conceived before a trip I took to Scandinavia in 1999 when I wanted a unique but practical gift to take my friend and hostess, for whom magpies and starlings are a sort of personal totem. Like the birds, she collects small, shiny objects, so I wove her a bag in which to tuck her trinkets safely away.

That original bauble bag was woven in a pattern named 'The Sun, the Moon and the Stars' as a reference to starlings and twinkling stars that sparkle like the things she loves. Since then, I've always chosen a pattern that relates to events in my life or people dear to me when designing a new warp for the bags."

white rug Bare Skin Rugs

"The ongoing debate between my husband, Ron, and me over at which end of the tub our short bathmat should reside inspired me to weave one long enough to run its entire length. Now, no matter at which end we step out of the shower, our bathmat is there, warm and absorbent.

I quickly found, though, that people wanted the rugs not only next to the bathtub, but also in the living room next to the fire, in the bedroom next to the bed, and even at the gym to buffer their bare arms and legs while exercising. The unfelted flannel forms a comfortable barrier anywhere sensitive skin comes in contact with the cold, unyielding floor."

purple wraps Serendipity Warps

"I love yarn, so I can't help indulging when something catches my eye. I pick up a ball here, a skein there (always something to remember the places I travel!), and people who know me well send samples from all over the world.

The result is a studio filled with a wide and inspiring variety of yarns that weren't intentionally chosen to go together but call out nonetheless to be combined in ways I rarely anticipate. Thus each serendipity warp is born. Each is unique and can never be recreated exactly, so the blankets, wraps and scarves they turn into are truly one of a kind."

In addition to these continuing product lines, Janet offers other types of blankets, table linens, rugs, scarves, baskets and more.

You can purchase Janet's products by contacting the Bog or in person at a few select places around Cape Breton, such as Arts North on the Cabot Trail.

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Last updated: May 24, 2000
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